IT eBooks - English

The following eBooks were published by me under the
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives
(CC BY-NC-ND) license released.

This license allows others to
use and share each book for free,
as long as they credit the author and source of the book
and use it non-commercially.

Cybersecurity -The invisible threat
Cloud Computing - Concepts, technologies and applications
Artificial intelligence - potentials, challenges and solutions
Virtualization - Concepts, Applications and Best Practices
IT-Project Management - Methods, Tools And Best Practices
Power Apps - The fast way to individual applications
Power Automate - Increased efficiency through automation
Power BI - data analysis and presentation
Azure Active Directory - Best practices for administrators
CMD - Master the command line
Linux Terminal - Master control of your system
PowerShell Guru - Master of managing AD, Exchange, SharePoint and SQL
SQL Profi - Techniques for optimizing databases
C# - Concepts and techniques
Effective PHP development with tips and tricks
HTML5 - Modern web applications
JavaScript - Speed ​​up your code
CSS - Techniques and strategies
MySQL - Performance boost and bug fixes
Java - Development of scalable applications
Python Crash Course - Introduction to Programming
C-Programming - A Practical Approach
C++ Professional Programming
Visual Basic - An Introduction to Programming
Linux Administration - Configuration and Administration
Windows Administration - Configuration and Administration
Microsoft 365 - A reference book for administrators
Exchange Server - Create, manage and secure mailboxes
Dynamics 365 Business Central - Configuration, integration and optimization
SharePoint Online - Optimize your document management
OneDrive - Security and Compliance
MS Teams - Tips and tricks for successful administration
Security management with MS 365
Agile methods in comparison
ITIL-Service Management - Optimizing IT processes and practices
Network Administration - Concepts and Applications
DevOps - The evolution of software development
BTC - Bitcoin and Blockchain
Linux Simplified - Compact Command Reference